Cindy Sheehan

I suppose I ought to write about Cindy Sheehan just so the search engines will think I’m topical.

I can’t figure out why she’s still on the news. She met with Bush in June of 2004 and said at the time that she thanked Bush for being such a kind man. A year later she’s camped at Bush’s ranch, funded by Michael Moore and left wing loonies, demanding another meeting. She changed her mind, I guess.

I’m glad Bush isn’t changing his mind. Regardless of how you feel about the war, we’re there and we’re committed. Does anybody really think pulling our troops out of Iraq is a good idea, or is it just media fodder to lob at Bush in preparation for 2006 elections?

Among military moms, Cindy is in the minority. Other women who have lost their sons support the President and speak out against Cindy Sheehan (Dads too), but the news won’t cover those moms for some reason.

A day or two ago, a local redneck decided Sheehan’s stunts were enough; he tied chains and a pipe to the back of his pickup and ran over some of the 800 crosses Sheehan’s group have placed along side the road. Of course, Sheehan’s group denounced him. OpinionJournal’s Best of the Wed, though, called it “A Teachable Moment:”

A local insurgent attacked a settlement near Crawford, Texas, yesterday, Reuters reports.

Now, we have no truck with mischievous criminals, but at the same time it’s important to understand what motivates people to do things like this. After all, one man’s vandal is another’s freedom-fighter. The Sheehanoids should be asking: Why do they hate us?

Think about it: If outside settlers were occupying your land, demonizing your leaders and slandering your country, wouldn’t you have feelings of rage and hopelessness? Again, we’re not condoning what Larry Northern allegedly did. Our point is that only by understanding what drove him to this desperate act can we put an end to the cycle of recrimination.

1 thought on “Cindy Sheehan”

  1. It’s always the rednecks that get in trouble. Most of us have pipes and chains and other assorted tools in the back of our trucks. Ya never know when you might need such things. Bumpy roads have caused things to fall out and if they get tangled up and drag on the ground behind you….

    Living right down the road from this event I can tell you she is the minority in the way folks think in this neighborhood. She claims to be trying to be a good neighbor (I think she is from California) but demonstrating in front of G.W.’s house in a small town like Crawford is the most unfriendly act a neighbor could do. Take it to D.C. where someone might care.

    My son is in Iraq right now and I hope he doesn’t get wind of some of the idiots back home.


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