Just a few minutes Daddy.

Tonight as I sat on the back porch and was watching the sun set, I had a wonderful encounter. A soldier from Fort Hood was out for a drive with his little girl and something made him stop at our house. His little girl saw all the animals in our pasture and wanted to have a look. I invited them into our home. We went to the back yard and her eyes grew as big as saucers. She got to pet all kinds of critters. A 25 lb rabbit named Zeus. The baby lambs that were born here a few days ago. Dogs, cats, chickens and a duck with a purple hairdo and a miniature donkey.
This soldier had just gotten home from emergency leave. He brought back 8 family members that were living in New Orleans. The young child’s world had been turned upside down by having to share her 1 bedroom apartment with so many people. She would never have a clue about the week these people were having, just that she was not having any fun and trouble sleeping.
I am so happy that we could provide a small amount of tranquility if only for a few minutes.
God bless this soldier and his family.
Our petting zoo is now open and always free of charge.

3 thoughts on “Just a few minutes Daddy.”

  1. God bless you and your big heart and open doors. It is amazing the power animals have to brighten up our lives, not to mention the warmth of a stranger.

    A purple haired duck….?


  2. I don’t have a picture with her hair colored. The kids change it from time to time. Next time they color it, I’ll take a picture and send it along.


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