One Out to Go

One out to go. One measly out, and the Astros are going to the World Series.

And then a single by St. Louis puts a man on base. And another single. And then Pujols belts it out of the park. He hit it so hard I thought he had punched a hole in the roof.

And now we’re back to 27 outs to go. The next game is Wednesday night back in St. Louis.

I wish I could dislike Pujols for what he did, but dang it, he is such a good, decent fellow.

Albert and Deidre Pujols are people of Faith.

It was once said of Albert Pujols “He is a man of few words, but if you want to get him talking, just ask him about baseball or about his faith.”

Albert shares; “Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I lived to play baseball. My wife Deidre, who was my girlfriend at the time, shared how much Jesus loved me. I realized I needed more than religion. I needed a Savior. Jesus Christ wanted a personal relationship with me.”

On November 13, 1998 Albert made what he calls ”The best decision of my life.” He gave his heart to Jesus Christ and asked him to become the Lord of his life.

“People ask me if I believe how quickly my career has taken off. I just tell them that Jesus Christ is my strength. God has blessed me and I will continue to do my best for him. That is more important than anything I could ever do in baseball.”

Deidre agrees with her husband, “Albert and I recognize that his awesome talent is a gift from God, and because of that gift, our lives have been blessed beyond belief.”

How does the couple keep their lives balanced in the hectic world of Major League Baseball? Through Prayer, Godly encouragement, and Bible study. “Albert is hungry for the truths of God’s word, and can’t get enough.” Deidre says. “Our entire family is experiencing this awesome adventure through baseball. Our children are Albert’s biggest fans, and loudest cheerleaders. They love to see Daddy play baseball on TV.”

In the Pujols family, God is first. Everything else is a distant second. Albert said it best when he stated “ When Christ is the center of your life all of your priorities change.”

Do you feel that something is missing in your life? That something, maybe someone… Jesus Christ. He died for you and every other sinner. Accept him as your Lord and Savior and you will have eternal life and peace here on earth.

2 thoughts on “One Out to Go”

  1. Yes, it was a dissapointing finish, but the hit was simply beautiful.

    That guy won’t have to buy his own coffee for five years. Heck, I would buy him a round. It was a well won win.

    We’ll get ’em Wednesday.


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