Best Stadium Ever

Our church, Second Baptist, just continues to amaze me. I had such a good time last night – when the Astros made the World Series, the church opened the gym, hung a 30 foot screen on the wall and showed the game live.

And instead of commercials, they were muted and we were treated instead to live color commentary from church members and former Astros Craig Reynolds and Terry Puhl. They took trivia questions and explained the nuances of the game that weren’t covered by the broadcasters.

And at the back of the gym, hot dogs and cracker jacks for a dollar. That beats stadium pricing any day. Fixin’s included all the regular stuff like mustard and ketchup, but also a big helpin’ of chili and cheese if you wanted it.

Yup. Best stadium ever. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Best Stadium Ever”

  1. You guys made the news last night.

    In my daughter’s school Mass on Friday, our local priest (Sean Horrigan), a Houston native was playing guest to a visiting Chicago priest.

    At the close of the Mass, he turned in jest and “baptised” the Chicago priest in the name of Biggio, Bagwell and Clemens!. Much embarassed, the Chicago priest took it in stride. 😆

    C’mon ‘stros.


  2. Heh. I bet that was a shock to a Chicago priest. 😛

    I know KHOU Channel 11 was at our “stadium” last night, but I couldn’t find it on their website or I would have linked it.


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