AlphaOmega Theme

I’ve changed the default theme, the background graphics, to AlphaOmega (adapted from Stevish 2 almost as-is).

If you prefer the older Blue Swirly theme (or you *still* see the Blue Swirly theme and want to see the AlphaOmega theme), there’s a Theme Switcher box in the sidebar. Switch back and forth all you want. 🙂

13 thoughts on “AlphaOmega Theme”

  1. It’s very nice, but since I’m a creature of habit I’ll probably switch back to the blue curly thing. It appeals to my sense of cheese.


  2. The logo at the top *is* a little fuzzy. I have an idea how to fix it but it’ll take a solid week working till midnight. Graphic artistry isn’t my strong suit.

    I’ll leave AlphaOmega as #2 for those that like the darker look and make Blue Cheesy, er, Swirly, the default pick. I think I need one more theme that’s mostly just plain white now…


  3. To me, it wasn’t the logo at the top that was fuzzy. It was the post themselves. The blue swirlies has much crisper letters to me.


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