Did Bush Lie?

Bush has finally been hitting back at the liberal revisionists that say Bush misled the U.S. into war with Iraq. Liberals say Bush lied… but did he? Who else said Saddam was a threat?

Michelle Malkin points out that this answer is refreshingly easy – just Google it.

Did Bush Lie? Just Google It!

3 thoughts on “Did Bush Lie?”

  1. does it make any difference what others had to say.The fact is bush is such an egomaniac he’d kill off every soldier we have if it would end the war in his favor or maybe he’s just trying to find the balsa wood airplane saddam was going to use to deliver his nonexistant WMD


  2. Your reply is non-sequitor. If Bush lied, so did everybody else. If *everybody* lied, perhaps it was either truth or everybody was misled. Either way, then, there was justification for the war. So your rant comes off as just that, an uninformed insulting rant, hardly the kind that sways people.


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