What Is Your Opinion?

Has it really been a week since I posted?

I think the cease-fire between Hezbollah and Israel is a mistake. I think Pat Buchanan’s new book that western civilization is inflammatory but has a lot of truth. I think scientist that predicted a very active hurricane season ought to be brought to prime-time television, admit they really had no idea and they were trying to either increase newspaper sales or make a name for themselves, and then fired. I think there are a lot of holes in John Karr’s story but he’s been given way too much media for his confession of killing Jon Benet Ramsey. I think Time Magazine putting Hillary Clinton’s picture on the front and declaring “She’s Ready to Run” isn’t news and shows their left-wing bias. I think the Democrats are making a serious strategic error by alienating their base in New Hampshire. I think I’m glad I didn’t see “Snakes on a Plane” after the reviews this morning.

Other than that, not a whole lot of opinions on this side of the monitor. How about you? Give me a 1-sentence opinion on any topic you wish and tell me your opinion. Supporting facts aren’t necessary, it’s just your opinion.

What is your opinion?

10 thoughts on “What Is Your Opinion?”

  1. I think a law should be passed that stores are not allowed to display holiday decorations until the month before the holiday occurs. I saw Christmas decorations this weekend! IN AUGUST. And now my blood pressure is elevated. I can’t be thinking about Christmas already!

    Oh, you asked for one sentence, didn’t you? 🙂


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