Bringing the Gospel to Your Heathen iPod

The bible on youriPod at
It’s free, one of my favorite numbers. You can get the ESV bible to load on your iPod for free at Put some God in your Pod.

If you’d like an audio version for your iPod instead, you can get that at

4 thoughts on “Bringing the Gospel to Your Heathen iPod”

  1. I downloaded this the other day, and all I got is the NT. This isn’t a complaint, mind you, but it isn’t the entire Bible. It is sweet to take my NT with me wherever I go!


  2. I actually just have the iPod Shuffle that doesn’t have a screen, so the text-only bible will be hard to read. 🙂

    The podcast, though, is of a lot of interest to me. i’m listening to sermons and music now, but listening to the bible directly will be very sweet.


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