Engineering Quiz Answers

1. What planet is the only planet that rotates clockwise? Venus

2. Approximately how many bricks were used to build the Empire State Building? 10 million

3. What is the brightest man-made place that can be seen from space? Las Vegas, Nevada

4. Which dam holds the largest volume of water? Sycrude Tailings Dam, Canada

5. Isotopes of the same element all have the same..? Atomic Number

6. Which tunnel is the longest? Seikan Tunnel, Japan

7. How long would it take for someone on Earth to realize the sun had stopped shining? 8 min

8. What is the correct composition of gases in the atmosphere? 78% N2, 21% O2, 1%Ar, 0.04% CO2

9. What make of car broke the record for driving the equivalent of 4 times around the world non stop? Mercedes

10. Approximately what percentage of worldwide oil reserves does the Middle East have? 66%

11. If you traveled at a constant speed of 30 miles per hour, how many days would it take you to reach the center of the earth from the equator? 5.5

12. What is the maximum power you could achieve from a wind turbine that has a blade radius of 7 meters in a wind velocity of 5 m/s? 9620 W

6 thoughts on “Engineering Quiz Answers”

  1. That CO2 must be pretty powerful stuff to make the Gorebot get all that excited.

    At that concentration, everytime I sneeze, I have measurable impact on the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Geeez, what idiocy.


  2. Did you see the recent news in Norway that they’ve calculated that the CO2 emissions by cars in Norway is dwarfed by the amount of CO2 emissions in Norwegian moose farting and belching?

    That might be the first time I’ve ever used the phrase “Norwegian moose farting.”


  3. #3 – you mean it’s not the Burning Man in Nevada?? What a disappointment for the counter-culture! And dang it, some arsonist burned The Man 4 days too soon. How sad I know so much about The Burning Man, but my crazy-used to be normal-recently turned lesbian-sister whom I love – is on her way to this ummm, arts festival.


  4. Er, probably not Burning Man. There are a few events that I do not ever plan to see, such as Burning Man and this weekend’s Decadence Festival in New Orleans. Ugh.


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