Name One Thing the Government Does Well

Name one thing the US Government does exceptionally well.

Pass legislation? Pork barrel politics, anyone?

Hurricane Katrina recovery?

Issue passports in time for your vacation?

Assess property values?

Public schooling?

Social Security?


Oversee accounting irregularities like Enron?

Prosecute O.J Simpson and keep him in jail?

Border security?

Then why oh why would anybody possibly think the latest revision of HillaryCare, US health industry regulated by the US Government, could possibility be an improvement over our current situation? And speaking of border security, why doesn’t HillaryCare address how illegal aliens are to receive their free mandated emergency room care?
This is like asking the US government to be your dentist.

8 thoughts on “Name One Thing the Government Does Well”

  1. How about government housing? Oh wait. That won’t do. I must say that government cheese is the best, though. Grilled cheese sandwiches are never better than the ones you get at public school.

    Also, you can’t see all of the screen behind Ms. Clinton. The word “On” appears directly following the word “Dream.” Just in case anyone was wondering…


  2. Are you awake? How do I put a YouTube video on a blogpost? As you can see on my current post, which just begs for me to link to Rich Mullins’ Creed song, I blotched it up and it just shows some code.


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