Turillo [Collared Plover] (Charadrius collaris)
Image by barloventomagico via Flickr

Disqus. Pronounced “Discuss.” It’s a new feature I’m trying out, and I’d love your comments.

Really. The whole idea is to encourage better comments. You can see replies to your comments, there’s a discussion page, you can better see other people’s comments. It even links to social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

And for Jo, a long awaited feature. If you “claim” your comments by creating your own Disqus account, you can even edit your comments. Finally.

So drop me a comment. Tell me yay or nay, keep it or junk it?

12 thoughts on “Disqus”

  1. and whatever method you used to sign in. Later.. *Post Closed* Thanks to everyone who left a comment. I think I have enough data and I’ve decided to keep the Disqus plugin, for the time been.. Related articles by ZemantaDisqus(chasingthewind.net) How to: Turn your Blog into a Social Media Cruise Ship (Instead of an Island) (theresabloginmysoup.com) Disqus vs IntenseDebate (spicycauldron.com) Promote blog commenting with Thesis Disqus (mathewpacker.com)


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