2 thoughts on “Reagan on the $10 Bill

  1. Now if you were a dead president, would you want your face to be our currency? And if so, which denomination? It it’s the $1, everyone would see your face all the time. $20 and it would be your face being spit out of ATM machines everywhere. $50 or $100 and you’d be tucked into birthday and graduation cards. $1000? You’d feel important, but would anyone ever remember you were on it? Can’t remember the last time I saw $1000 bill (if ever).

    Maybe coins are the way to go. You get to jingle around in people’s pockets….


  2. I’m thinking if I’m dead, I pretty much don’t care…. Ok, ok, I think I’d rather be on the quarter. Lots of people have quarters, they’re desired as the most useful coin (weight/value ratio, useful in tollbooths, etc). Washington shouldn’t mind, he’s still on the dollar. Also, he’s dead, too.


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