Recip Blogrolling

For my fellow bloggers – I mentioned this in passing but it may have gotten lost in the verbal goulash the last 2 days.

If your blogrolling references “” , then change it to “” since I moved the blog to the root. I’ll redirect you automatically, but you won’t get the reciprocating blogroll if you don’t change your link.

If you’re not a fellow blogger, then this message is secret code and we’re talking about you.

7 thoughts on “Recip Blogrolling

  1. Just gotcha added this am. Sorry for the remiss, I guess it kept me from having to do it twice;)
    I think you’re a doll, Michael. Just FYI.


  2. If I was military, I’d fire off a 21-gun salute to you now. And if I was a lizard, I’d be puffing up my throat sac about now.

    Er… scratch that last one. Let’s just say I thoroughly enjoy you and your site, too. Keep up the good fight. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Dale Jr. will end up finding the one that he wants, but does not want kortnie coles. Don’t know why? He is into his career more than being with anyone at this time. Not that anyone cares about or anything else. That is the way he is and not that willing to get with anyone too bad. That is Dale Jr. for ya!:neutral:


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