College Orientation

I signed my son and me up for orientation at Sam Houston State University this week. It’s a 2-day overnight trip, Thursday & Friday. When I read the agenda, they separate us within the first 30 minutes and I don’t see my son again until the orientation is over.

There’s no agenda for what they plan to do with the parents.

For all I know, they chain us all up in an auditorium for 2 days. Or they put us in the bleachers for a pep rally. The point is – why the heck am I going to orientation? I thought it was going to be a father / son thing, but it doesn’t look like that now.

I floated the idea to him last night that maybe he’d like to go without me, which of course he loved. Independence! College girls all to himself without Dad! And I’m thinking – that was a stupid idea, why the heck did you suggest it?

It’s the drive itself that’s bothering me. He’s a good driver, but he hasn’t driven far distances. This will be 2 hours there, 2 hours back, among the Houston freeway system. I’m thinking we could go in separate cars; I just won’t spend the night and I can sneak out when the pep rally starts.

What if he doesn’t come back? Perhaps I ought to put a dog tag on him.

4 thoughts on “College Orientation

  1. Hey, he’s 18. Point his butt toward the door and kick.
    (Check him for your credit cards first).
    – Red Ass school of fatherhood.


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