Paying the Ransom to Kidnappers

Michelle Malkin uncovers a story from Philippines Daily Tribune:

The Malaysian government, Malacañang and the [Phillipine] Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) yesterday refused to confirm or deny reports that $6 million in ransom was paid out to the Iraqi kidnappers for the release of Filipino truck driver Angelo de la Cruz in time for President Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) scheduled for July 26.

Officials from both governments declined to give any statement and evaded media queries on the Tribune report which stated, quoting intelligence sources, that $5 million was shelled out by Malaysia while the Philippines coughed off $1 million from the Landbank of the Philippines for the release of De la Cruz.

“No comment,” said Malaysian Embassy Second Secretary Zamshari Shaharan.

This is terrible news. Running short of funds? Kidnap another hostage! I wonder how much influence extremists had on the Muslim Malaysian government? The actions of the Phillipines and Malaysia are now indestinguishable from state sponsored terrorism.

2 thoughts on “Paying the Ransom to Kidnappers”

  1. This was not the first time these govt’s have paid off Al-queda members and it will probably not be the last. Although I say that payment was proportionate to their Muslim constituencies.


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