Cookie Girls Rescued

The dastardly cookie girls I wrote about last week have been rescued by a radio station:

Radio station KOA-AM of Denver raised more than $1,900 from listeners Friday to pay the girls’ $930.78 fine. The rest of the money will go to a charity dedicated to victims of the Columbine High School massacre.

Meanwhile, Richard Ostergaard, father of Taylor, got a restraining order against Young’s husband, Herb, in county court, claiming he continues to make harassing telephone calls to the Ostergaard residence.

Wanita Young said, “This has turned into quite a fiasco. It’s something that never should have happened and it’s just devastating. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing. My life has been threatened and I’ll probably have to move out of town.”

While it’s regrettable that her life has been threatened, I suspect she’ll be hard-pressed to find a town that doesn’t have some cookie-totin’ girly do-gooder in it somewhere.

One thought on “Cookie Girls Rescued

  1. mrs. wanita young needs to get a grip — being in a position at a food bank is very important however she seems to have lost site of why she was chosen for that position. at times she must have ‘surprised’ the many families with a ‘token of love and friendship’ that the people thought she would act well in the food bank organization. Has she forgotten what it feels like to show compassion – that old addage — she’s making a mountain out a molehill comes to mind. her husband needs to be a mature man and quit harrassing the other families as well. have them do a joint community service together —


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