Where Oh Where Has My Firefly Gone?

I am not a brownshirt, although it’s certainly starting to look like it.

After buying the Firefly DVD series last August, I watched an episode with Sean. Well… ok, more than one. After the first episode, he said he could stay for another. And then another. I think we watched 5 in a row before deciding to finish the series on another day. Alex and I watched the rest of the series 2 and 3 at a time for the rest of the week.

Next time I called Sean, he confessed he had bought the series and was watching it with his family. No need to apologize; I wanted to loan it to my sister anyway.

So last October I visited my sister and brought the DVDs with me. We were just going to watch one episode, then 3, then 5… around 1:00 a.m. we sort of hung it up for the night. She watched it with her family.

Her son got hooked on the series when he came to visit. So much so that he asked for his own copy for Christmas, which I happily bought for him. My sister promised to bring the Firefly disks back for the family Christmas party.

The Christmas party never came together due to family illness, but she did get to visit my Mom. Apparently Mom got hooked on the series, so she’s kept them the last several week so she could watch them.

When I called to check on Irv this afternoon, Mom was sitting with Monique, Irv’s daughter, and asked if she could loan the DVDs to Monique. See, she just thought Monique would enjoy them, too…

Of course I said yes, but I’m starting to think I may never see those DVDs again. 😛

And yes, the Firefly series is that good.

3 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Has My Firefly Gone?

  1. This is why you need to own a “conversion copy”. Or do like I did, and only loan out one disc at a time.

    Glad to see you’re sharing the Firefly love. You’re a browncoat whether you want to admit it or not. 😆


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