8 thoughts on “Flying the Flag

  1. Out of all our freedoms, the right to free speech seems to be the most controversial. Sure, we can say what we want, but only if we don’t offend anybody… unless of course it’s something political, in which case you can say anything you want, but only if there’s nothing racial about it… and of course you can say anything religious you want, so long as it’s not christian… with the exception of… etc, etc, etc.

    I’m a bit confused. Does the first ammendment really exist or not?


  2. The first amendment only exists for liberals promoting socialist agendas. All reference to individualism or expressions contrary to liberal ideaology (if they have one) are prohibited for the greater good, or to not offend, or to prevent hate speech, or to promote everyone believing in diversity, or to save the planet, the children, Bill Clinton’s legacy, etc. It’s like trying to fight Jell-o.

    This is why Orwell’s Animal Farm, Ayn Rand, Hayek’s Road to Serfdom and Adam Smith, and of course the Bible should be required reading. It’s hard to socialize thinking peoples.

    Of course, A.M.M probably has not heard of any of these from his public school education (excepting what his father has recommended).

    By the way, I think your enlistment is a great and life-changing choice, please use it to its full potential – they will promote and encourage individual achievement, to your benefit. It’s sorta like the best of the American culture, use it well.


  3. What do you mean I haven’t heard of them? I take a slight offense to that (at least from the “haven’t heard of the Bible” part). I’ve read them and I understand them, and only because I was able to first learn of their existance from school.

    Granted, they told us *not* to read them…


  4. I think that’s what Sean meant – that the public schools intentionally excludes reading the 1st amendment just so you don’t know what it says. You confirmed that with your “they told us *not* to read them” statement.


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