$3 Million for Star Trek

TrekUnited.com is reporting that three anonymous donors have pledged $3 million toward a campaign to keep Star Trek: Enterprise alive for a 5th season.

“We think Star Trek and especially its latest incarnation, “Enterprise” is the kind of TV that should be aired more often. The people responsible at Paramount think this is just a show and we want to tell them, it is not. We are in the commercial space flight industry and would like to testify that at least one out of two of all the actual entrepreneurs involved in this industry has been inspired by Star Trek; and we are not only good at watching TV sci-fi , we are also good at writing checks, big checks. The people airing this kind of TV have a responsibility; inspiration. Star Trek has inspired us, and particularly Enterprise, with its superb theme song that tells so much about our struggle to move space travel forward and closer to the public, this inspiration is so self evident, that Virgin Galactic has ordered a 5-sub orbital ship fleet from Scaled Composites, a 100 million dollar investment, and the first one being built is going to be christened ‘VSS Enterprise.’ Now doesn’t that ring a bell in Paramount’s ears? Now, canceling the series so bluntly, for the sake of just ratings, tells very much about the kind of thinking going on inside Paramount. If we thought the same way, Paul Allen would have never funded the SpaceShipOne program. Sir Richard Branson would never have funded Virgin Galactic and Space Adventures would never have put two space tourists aboard the International Space Station. Instead, we would all be at home watching Survivor or some other reality TV show. Enterprise needs to be renewed, for the sake of fan loyalty, for being quality TV, for bringing imagination and hope for a better future to our homes, but over all that, for inspiring us so strongly that we have fought all our adult lives to bring that future closer to our children and to us.”

7 thoughts on “$3 Million for Star Trek

  1. Michael, I hope you don’t mind that I spoke up for you and said you would be happy to pledge $500,000 toward this endeavor.


  2. The last story I read, Spike is indeed interested, but that doesn’t mean Paramount would shop the show out.

    Manny Coto, Exec Producer, mentioned that he’d like to see it stay on UPN, and considering the first season they had an audience of 12 million, that seems feasible. It’d be nice if the attention payed by the campaign 1)saves season 5 2)makes fans come back so they realize how much better season 4 was than the last season they saw.

    Watch the blog (run by a far better informant than I) for more details.


  3. theme song killed enterprise

    enterprise was killed by its own theme song. that was horrible. who had the brilliant idea of having a star trek theme song with ‘words’?
    not to mention that the singer sounded like he was wearing tight stone washed jeans and sporting a mullet. yuck.
    the show was o.k. but they lost half their potential viewers in the first five minutes with that cheez wizz of a theme song.


  4. Ya know, I heard that from a lot of Trekkies, but I actually liked the theme song. I disliked the theme song to Voyager, I thought it sounded like a funeral.


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