Create Your Own Star Trek Story

Star Trek
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Create your own Star Trek story. Heh. Funny stuff.

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Finding your Calling

I first heard about this fellow earlier this week, a former mobile telephone seller who has always wanted to sing opera. When Paul Potts opens his mouth and the first notes come out, I think you, too, will be amazed.


I heartily recommend the new movie Bella that just opened. There was a special screening tonight at a local theater where we got a chance to speak to the lead actor, Eduardo Verastegui, who seems absolutely genuine about putting together movies that express positive messages. He told us that after giving his life to Christ, he realizes it’s not about him or the fame and fortune that goes with being a star. It’s about Him. He says he wants to make moves that he can take his mom and sisters to and not feel like he ought to hide their eyes during some scenes.

Bella is a movie like that. It shows the struggle of a young woman and the tough choices she faces when she finds out she’s pregnant, and the remorse of a young man whose life was shattered when he accidentally kills a young girl with his car. They have more in common than you think. A positive, pro-life movie.

The movie opened in limited release, so next weekend may be your last chance to see it before it goes to DVD.

I Need a Shower

I was at the gym last night, working on the treadmill. My usual habit is to listen to stuff on my iPod Shuffle, a mix of Country & Western, 70’s Rock, 90’s Folk Music, Spike Jones, Contemporary Christian, A Capella African Christian, Jazz, and sermons. Ok, so there’s no real coherent theme there.

In front of the treadmill are 3 TVs. I don’t watch them much, preferring to listen to stuff of my own choosing, but sometimes there’s a football or basketball game that gets my attention, or some new clip that’s interesting.

Last night, though, everytime I lifted my head and caught a glimpse of the TV, I was nauseated by the choices we had. If God decides it’s time for a god ol’ smiting in the manner of Sodom and Gomorrah, I’m going to get me a front row bleacher seat and sit there nodding my head, saying “Yup. Coulda seen that coming.”

My 3 choices last night were –

a) CNN showing a 30 minute special on how beneficial atheists are to our country, how Christians oppress them, and how we should be ready for an atheist President by now;

b) A local news channel that alternated between showing Anna Nicole Smith’s cleavage and covering the story of an NBA player that’s announced he’s homosexual;

c) A sitcom called Wife Swap that put a Christian Mennonite woman in the home of an alcoholic punk rock family. They made the good people look bad, and the bad people look good.

After working out and watching that garbage, I needed a shower. Yuck.