Firefly. Shiny.

Thanks to Sean for providing the link.

It appeals to only a few of us, but by golly, I miss that Firefly series.

Facing the Giants

Facing the Giants was a wonderful surprise movie this afternoon. I just don’t know why I hadn’t heard of it before this week.

It’s the story of a small Christian school’s football team, and their triumph over defeat by placing their trust in God instead of man. So many wonderful Christian examples of how to live a winning life, and giving glory to God in either victory or defeat.

The website has all sorts of great links, too, like the FCA Coaches Ministry and Upward Unlimited for children’s sports ministry.

WorldNetDaily says that even though this movie was released on only 1/8th the number of screens, it came in 12th overall last weekend. Not bad for a movie on a $100,000 budget and volunteer actors. This was the movie that received a PG rating because there were too many references to God. “The Christian message of hope and faith in God … are ‘thematic elements’ that might be disturbing to some parents.” Amazing what garners a PG rating; apparently sexual innuendos and cursing God is ok, but giving Him praise deserves a caution.

See the movie, it is such an uplifting message.

Boycotting and Protesting "The Da Vinci Code"

The protests are getting louder. Christians aren’t yet rioting in the street a la the Muslim cartoon jihad, but if they were, would mainstream media be more sympathetic to Christians?

Meanwhile, controversy is raging worldwide. Legislators in the Philippines have petitioned for the film to be banned from that country; hundreds of protesters took to the streets in India to call for similar steps on the subcontinent; Christian orthodox leaders in Greece, Romania and Russia blasted the film from the pulpit; and religious officials in the U.S. announced a wide-reaching interfaith coalition that will call for a boycott of the film just two days before its Friday release.

“We are committed to exposing the movie’s offensive and misleading content and are calling for a boycott,” said Don Feder, president of a group called Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation, part of the U.S.-based interfaith coalition. “This film is a clear attack on all religions.”

Read the rest of the article, it goes on the describe protests and boycotts worldwide.

Me, I plan on blogging about how offensive the book and movie is. I won’t be seeing the movie, I’m not giving $1 toward that piece of crud and the anti-christian producers that made it.

Mission Impossible 3

Nope, I didn’t see MI:3 this weekend. Apparently you didn’t, either.

Was it because Tom Cruise is a space alien? Was it because he made a farc of marriage by dumping Mimi Rogers, then Nicole Kidman, then Penelope Cruz, then getting Kate Holmes pregnant? That he pretended to be very religious while dumping wives? That hopping on Oprah’s sofa made world headlines? That he taunts people on psychiatric medication?

Or was it because the movie stunk? Why didn’t you go see it?

Boycotting "Da Vinci Code"

Am I boycotting the “Da Vinci Code” movie? Or am I just refusing to go see it? The nuance is hard to discern.

Christians Plan Boycott of ‘Da Vinci Code’
by Robert B. Bluey
Posted May 04, 2006

Christian activists are planning a boycott of the soon-to-be-released Da Vinci Code movie, which one influential pro-family group is calling “blasphemous.”

Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission, is asking Christians to sign a petition condemning the movie. The petition accuses Sony Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, director Ron Howard and actor Tom Hanks of supporting a film that is offensive to Christians.

The movie, according to Baehr, is “fraught with misconceptions and blatantly false claims about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the history of Christianity, and the Catholic Church.”

This isn’t the first time Dan Brown’s work has come under attack from Christians. Last week a top official at the Vatican asked Catholics to boycott the movie. And in anticipation of the May 19 movie, David Balsinger has produced his own film called The Da Vinci Code Deception, which purports to debunk “Brown’s outrageous lies about Jesus Christ and His Church.” was created by Baehr to help families make decisions about movies and other forms of entertainment. The organization critiques movies, as it has done with a white paper on The Da Vinci Code, and pressures media executives to offer pro-family entertainment options.

The following is an open letter Baehr sent to his followers:


An open letter to Christians and people of good will about the upcoming film, The Da Vinci Code

We the undersigned are on record that we will not buy movie tickets for the film, The Da Vinci Code. The director Ron Howard has promised he is being faithful to the bestselling novel as he adapts it to the big screen. That means the movie will likely be blasphemous, just as the book is.

The book is a novel but in telling its story, it makes massive claims about Jesus Christ — that He was not divine, that He was secretly married, and that the “New Testament is false propaganda.” We recognize that while the movie may give Christians a good opportunity to talk about faith issues, millions of people — not familiar in the least with the Gospels — could be spiritually poisoned with “false propaganda” against Christ. This is especially true of children.

Since every movie ticket purchased is a VOTE, saying, “Yes, Hollywood, make more movies like this!,” we choose not to buy a ticket for this movie. We choose not to support the blasphemy. While recognizing this is an issue of conscience and that people of good will may differ on how to approach the film, this is how we choose to act. And we ask Christians and all people of good will to consider doing likewise.

P.S. — If you need more information to be familiar with the story to intelligently discuss it with your parishioners or acquaintances, please seek out good information. These sites will help you: and Or get the Da Vinci Code White Paper at

Dr. Ted Baehr

Mr. Bluey is editor of Human Events Online.