Smearing Women With Broccoli

Actually, my first question is, “Who pays these people? And how can I get a job that involves rubbing food products on people?”

According to the Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago – a likely terrorist target if there ever was one – smearing grapefruit on women make them smell 6 years younger.

Institute director Alan Hirsch said he smeared several middle-aged woman with broccoli, banana, spearmint leaves, and lavender but none of those scents made a difference to the men.

But the scent of grapefruit changed men’s perceptions. Hirsch said that when male volunteers were asked to write down how old the woman with grapefruit odor was, the age was considerably less than reality.

While grapefruit perfume may only be a matter of time, this study diminishes my hope for broccoli shampoo or banana deoderant.


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