Computer Gymnastics

I didn’t get to read or post today. So solly cholly.

It started when I asked my company if I could borrow a laptop for an upcoming business trip, which they thought was a good idea. They even gave me extra stuff to do on the plane. 😛 When they dropped off the laptop, the IT person told me it was cheaper to “assign” it to me than to borrow one. Turns out I could keep the laptop if I wanted to, I just have to return the desktop. Eventually.

I asked if there was a docking station to go with the laptop, and they were kind enough to bring that over – with a tiny 14″ monitor. Blech. The 17″ monitor I currently have is a Dell and has to be returned with the Dell desktop; the 14″ IBM monitor comes with the IBM Thinkpad T42.

I did some checking to see if I could get a bigger monitor – and again, they said yes. (I work for a very nice company.) Then I found out that while on the docking station, the laptop monitor continues to work as a second screen. I’m in heaven – I love my dual monitor setup at home, and now I have it at work.

Except right now my desk has a Dell desktop, a 17″ monitor, a 14″ monitor, a 19″ monitor, a laptop with docking station, and my Palm LifeDrive. It looks like I opened a Best Buy in my cubicle.

9 thoughts on “Computer Gymnastics”

  1. Dual monitors is like having a monitor twice the size you have now. When I blog, for instance, I’ll have my RSS feeder on one monitor and be writing on the other monitor.


  2. That’s right, a single PC. At work I have my email on one screen, Chasing the Wind on the small screen. Later I’ll have Word or Excel open on the small screen, and technical drawings open on the big screen.

    And Jo, they don’t make a single monitor 19″ tall, 38″ wide, and when you press the “full screen” box the window only takes up half your window space.

    Anybody that’s actually used dual monitors never wants to go back, it’s way too convenient.


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