Astroworld Closes

Six Flags / Astroworld is closing after 37 years. The property it is sitting on is worth roughly $110 million, or $1 million an acre.

I haven’t been in years and years. The rides were shorter, the lines were longer, it had a “hoodlum” feel about it, the gift shops were full of overpriced trinkets. Oh, and I’m older so the rides made me nauseous. I’m not going to miss it except for driving by and seeing a roller coaster in action.

Others feel differently. News coverage here and here and here and here.

4 thoughts on “Astroworld Closes

  1. Flashback:1978
    I guess this means that that pair of mirrored sunglasses that I dropped in the lake (on the aerial tram) are now gone for good.


  2. It’s a very sad time in Houston. I’ve only been to the park 3 times in my life, but will not be there for the final weekend. I have many memories of riding on the coasters, especially the Texas Cyclone. I’ve decided to stay home since the park will be packed to capacity. I want to give someone else a chance to visit the park and to enjoy it as much as my family and I have in the past 10 years. I really enjoyed the Holiday in the Park at Astroworld many years ago, since that was my first visit to the park in 1996. It was very pretty. My last visit was last year, my coaster club attended an event there, and we all had a very good time. This is all so surreal- the news of the park closing is a big shock.

    If there’s anything I would like to say to the folks at Six Flags when all this is over, PLEASE oh PLEASE save the Texas Cyclone. As a coaster enthusiast, it would be a grave mistake to demolish it… it’s a top ten woodie and has historical ties in great state of Texas. I would like to see another theme park in Texas take possession of it and to be preserved there for many years to come.


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