Katrina and Social Security Reform

These two topic shouldn’t go together, but if the Angry Left can combine hurricanes and racism, then I can combine hurricanes and Social Security reform. 😛

Ted Kennedy, liberal stalwarth, said recently, “what the heck is a stalwarth? Did you misspell ‘stalworth’? What kind of cheesy website are you running?” Then he said, “What the American people have seen in this incredible disparity in which those people who had cars and money got out, and those people who were impoverished died.”

Teddy is on to something. Who were the people who did not have cars and money? They were people dependent on the government. And not a small conservative government, either, but a liberal Democrat decades of spending goverment. What socially liberal programs bred in New Orleans was an entire class of people living below the poverty line and dependent on government handouts. People who looted and fired shots at rescuers when the government couldn’t be there for them.

What did the government do for them in a time of emergency? The government bused them to the Superdome without sufficient food or water, then left them stranded there so they could rape and maim each other.

Social dependency on the goverment is a bad idea. This includes lifetime welfare and depending on Social Security for your retirement when you’re old. It’s a bad idea for nationalized healthcare, Medicare, and prescription drugs. That’s why private Social Security accounts, designed to give the poorest of the poor a lifetime personal savings account they can pass to their children, makes good sense.

Once people have a vested interest in their local and national security with a sense of ownership, then people will take care of what they own instead of looting and shooting at it.

More info on this topic at OpinionJournal.

3 thoughts on “Katrina and Social Security Reform

  1. You’re just a racist hillbilly from Texas, and you hate black people.
    Except you didn’t say black……so there must be a code word there. Hmmm. “stalwarth”, perhaps? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    The good news is that while Jesse Jackson wants to move them (those he claims to speak for) back to Lousianna to live in tents on military bases, they have slready seen Houston, and Seguin, and San Antonio, and Seattle, and a hundred other cities. And, they are looking for jobs. Perhaps these New Orleanians will want to stay and try it the way the rest of us do it – work and risk, baby.


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