Protesting Jobs That Are Better Than Yours

Let’s say you’re a union (United Food and Commercial Workers, UFCW) and you’re upset about the low wages Wal-Mart pays. Let’s also say that since none of your union is interesting in picketing, that you decide to hire non-union temporary workers to picket for you in the 104°F heat. Good idea? I think not.

Wal-Mart employees: Average $10.17/hour plus insurance and 401(k). Plus air conditioning.
Temporary picketers: $6/hour, no benefits, heatstroke.

Seems to me it would make sense to stop picketing and go inside Wal-Mart and see if they have any jobs available.

6 thoughts on “Protesting Jobs That Are Better Than Yours

  1. Y’know Michael. I almost asked where you find these things, but I don’t want to know. I prefer to see it here. This liberal agenda is quite humerous when you step back and look at their big picture. This sort of thing could be seen as an example for just what they try to do. Impose their hatred upon others who are content to let the market settle such matters.


  2. You have no idea how many people tell me “I don’t want to know.” 😛

    The more I think about this, the more I feel sorry for the picketers. I think the picketers themselves ought to form a United Picketing Workers union and picket the United Food and Commercial Workers for hiring them at sub-par wages.


  3. Imagine the glory of the multi-level buerocracy. Unions of unions picketing other unions! By the way, if you occasionally misspell bureaucracy that can be considered a good thing. 😉


  4. I know that’s right. You wouldn’t believe the number of people finding Chasing the Wind looking for information on “watermellons.”

    First time visitors stopping by will wonder what bureocracies and watermellons have in common. Let them wonder. 😛


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