Go 'Stros!

Anybody else watch the Astros game last night? Man, what a finish! Astros holding a 2-1 lead. Cardinals put a man on 1st and 3rd, and then a hard grounder to third. Ensberg whips that ball back to the catcher to tag out the runner, keeping the score at 2-1 with 1 away. But St. Louis realized nobody had called timeout and while the Astros are busy congratulating themselves, St. Louis advances a runner to 3rd.

1 away, man on first and third. St. Louis grounds to second, the runner has a head start for home. THe announcer is already saying that the Astros don’t have enough time for a double play, but probably the best and fastest double play ever, ending the rally.

One more win and the Astros go to the World Series for the first time ever. Go ‘Stros!

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