AT&T Again

The Return of the Death Star Ok, so let me see if I got all this down. I had AT&T Worldnet for an Internet service provider, Southwestern Bell telephone after AT&T broke up (although I kept AT&T Long Distance to use on my Southwestern Bell Telephone), and Cingular Wireless. Then I switched to SWBell DSL internet and my wife had AT&T Wireless when Southwestern Bell changed their name to SBC Communications and struck that deal with Yahoo so my internet service provider became SBC/Yahoo. Then Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless so my wife’s phone changed to Cingular, but then SBC bought Cingular. I already had Cingular which still says Cingular even though it’s been SBC for quite some time. I ended up with a combined bill for SBC/Cingular and some place along the way, I can’t remember when, I stopped using AT&T Long Distance and switched to Southwestern Bell. Or maybe I switched to SBC, I can’t remember. But then SBC bought AT&T so even though I thought all my services would soon be SBC they fooled me and decided to became AT&T even though they were really SBC and AT&T didn’t really exist anymore. Then they thought, oops, we own Cingular, too, so they decided that Cingular would become AT&T again (even though it’s really SBC) but to reflect how big the company was they decided to use little letters like “at&t” even though my second grade teacher whapped me with a ruler if I didn’t capitalize proper nouns. So I think I have at&t *whap* AT&T for my internet service provider even though it ends in “” which is goofy because that company hasn’t been around in like forever but if they make me change it it’ll munge up every email newsletter I’m on but “@at&” would be sort of cool with that ampersand for my email address and the bill would come in an envelope that says “at&t” and include my Cingular bill (which is really at&t *whap* wireless now) and my SBC local telephone bill and my SWBell ISP which is really SBC which is really at&t *whap* bill and who knows what the heck happened to Yahoo along the way but they’re still in the picture because that’s where I read my email.

I think I’ve got a pretty good grasp on it, don’t you?

5 thoughts on “AT&T Again”

  1. Cingular is a joint venture between former SBC (now renmaed AT&T after they bought the landline AT&T) and BelSouth. Cingular last year bought AT&T wireless, but that was seperate from the landlien company SBC bought. So now THE NEW AT&T decided last week to also buy BellSouth telecommunications, so they woudl then own all of cingular and have full control of it. So now Cingular, AT&T’s wireless division can be named AT&T too.!
    AT&T is almost everywhere now I guess. just like before 1984. except there is still Verizon and Qwest but thats about it. I use to have AT&T worldnet service, quit that and went to Bellsouth DSL. now Belsouth is merging with the Merged SBC/AT&T. SO Now I am back to AT&T too. it i confusing.!


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