Inviting the Illegal Aliens

At Sand in the Gears, Tony first opined that enforcing immigration laws is not a Christian thing to do. After taking some heat for that statement, he addressed their comments and challenged Christians to rethink their position on illegal immigration. On his latter post I took the position that although I agreed with his sentiment, I disagreed with his conclusion.

Christians have a fundamental calling, and that is to find our lost brothers and sisters. We will not conquer this world for Jesus, and frankly, he doesn’t need our help. We will not stop gay marriage and institute a God-approved (the Republican version, of course) tax rate. We will not keep people from philandering, gambling, masturbating, and wearing clothes that fit too tight, and if you think Christ wants you to fix these problems, then you are dreadfully, soul-shakingly mistaken.

“Tend my lambs.” Not “stop people from being naughty.” No “get the government off the back of the small businessman.” Not a hint of “protect gun rights and the death penalty.”

And certainly not “keep out the immigrants.”

Tony’s chief concern seems to be – and I don’t mean to put words in his mouth, so go read him for yourself – that the illegal immigration problem is not clearly a Christian problem, so Christ should not be invoked when taking a position on the issue. Instead, Christ was far more likely to tend to the aliens needs than close the gates and keep the aliens out.

Can’t argue with that logic, yet I still think our borders ought to be better patrolled, for many reasons: safety, overloading our healthcare systems, loss of jobs, etc. I think it’s because if we as a society give free welfare to illegal immigrants, it a) does nothing to share the gospel of Christ to those that are breaking the law, and b) denies the individual the ability to determine how his funds are to be spent on the needy.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Inviting the Illegal Aliens”

  1. Personally…lets put up a wall, with a serious fence 100 feet out from it, and toss in some serious guard towers. Once the fence is up, lets spend a year or two gathering up EVERY ILLEGAL and their children, and ship them back to where they came from….I get so tired of hearing the false Latino Rhetoric that these people are only taking jobs we do not want…they are suppressing wages, thus making it impossible for Americans to take those jobs because they cannot earn enough to survive.


  2. I, alone with millions of other Patriot American Citizens am sick and tried of the Politicians and others treating Illegal Aliens like honored guests! I, my Father, & my Brothers and million of others never fought these counties wars to have Corrupt Politicians turn it into another third world, Corrupt Latin American Country!

    What countries could not win or accomplish by force of arms is fast becoming a reality by Illegal Invasion and Prolific Breeding aided & abetted by Corrupt Politicians at all levels of government! At the present rate within 10 to 15 years & probably less, we will be a third world country!

    The excuse, the Politicians use, is the Illegal Aliens are only trying to have a better life, well so are Bank Robbers and other criminals! But common criminals are nothing in Comparison to the damage done to this country by the Illegal Invasion!

    Illegal Aliens are robbing the USA of much more then any other criminals in the USA history, they are just taking money but a country! As for, as crime, by the time you finish reading this there will be robberies, rape, killing and other crimes committed by Illegal Aliens against American citizens! Now we are also experiencing all kinds of diseases that were eradicated in this country like T.B and worse brought back into this country by the Illegal Aliens!

    While 9/11 was terrible! We are letting Illegal Aliens enslave millions of American Citizen each year with Drugs pouring across our open borders, while Murdering, Raping & Robbing many more Americans Citizens than was killed in 9/11. For this, they get 100 of Billions in Benefits and a whole gang of Corrupt Politicians at every level of government & in direct violation of our Immigration laws, supporting and working on their behalf!

    Our President’s fine words about Terrorist & Terrorism are contradicted by his failure to control our open Borders! His acquisition in letting Mexico & Latin American send Millions of Illegal Aliens across our Open Borders is in direct violation of Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution, and makes a lie out of his often stated concern with terrorist and terrorism! Calling patriotic American Citizens vigilantes for doing the task he refuses to do is shameless! I wonder Mr. President, is everyone that calls the police to report a crime a vigilante?

    If poorly Educated Illegal Aliens can pour across our open Borders than Terrorist far better Educated and with vastly more resources can also! One can only conclude by his actions that protecting the American Public is secondary to his wish to supply Slave Labor to businesses and Company officials. Apparently he thinks the risk of Terrorist crossing our open borders with WMD and killing thousand of Americans Citizens is well worth the Risk!

    We now have Latino Barrios in every community, mostly populated by people here illegally, even in small towns where crime was never a problem, until the Illegal Invasion! Where American Language, American Ideals, & anything American is rejected & most are very anti-American & rabid in their hate for both American Citizens and American. Where the Mexican flag is proudly flown but not the American flag! American Citizens that fought our wars, paid the taxes, and obeyed the laws take a great risk of getting Robbed or Killed, if the dare go into those areas!

    While the Politicians sit in there Ivory towers & either have no concept or don’t give a Damn about the kind of world their Policies are crating for American Citizens! It should be mandatory for those Politicians to go live and Experience the Crime and & lowing of our standard of living faced by ordinary Citizens before they foster their Corrupt, & Asinine Policies on the American Public!

    If they had to experience what they are doing to this country just maybe, they would wake up & realize they are destroying this country! The money they are collecting from greedy Companies and Businesses may not be worth their life or the life of their loved ones.

    They are crating another Iraq in this country where whole sections are off limits to Legal American Citizens! But the Illegal Aliens can go into any area they want with impunity!

    What kind of country do we have when Illegal Aliens & lawbreakers are safe but legal American Citizens have large areas in every community where they are unwelcome, unsafe, hated, and dare not go?

    While the Politicians are busy destroying this country, American citizens get to pay for the Illegal Alien babies, pay for their kids schooling, their medical benefits, welfare and all other benefits our elected Politicians can think of to reward them with!

    We even reward their Illegal babies with American Citizenship. Like American Citizenship has no value and million have not fought and died for the honor and privilege of being Americans, and citizens of other countries dream and wait years to become American citizens legally! It seems American Citizenship should have a higher Requirement & Standards than 2 people here illegally engaging in 3 minutes of unskilled labor!

    Illegal Aliens have no allegiance to this country & do not want to be American citizens, but to import their way of life, their language, crime and corruption, to the USA! While exporting the money they make illegally back to their home countries! They want to change this Country into another Mexico and they, with the help of our Elected Officials are!

    They are everyplace in American, both large & small, the official numbers are vastly understated & the actual numbers are closer to 30 million than the government deliberate underreporting of 10 to 11 million & another 10,000 are pouring across our open Borders, every day but our President refuses to Enforce the Immigration Laws!

    They form a country within this country off limits to American Citizens and call us Stupid Americans for paying them to take over this country by Illegal Invasion! They are right we are Totally Insanely Stupid to allow this to happen & continue!

    No Nation on Earth can withstand an Illegal Invasion of this magnitude of poorly educated immigrants with an average 8 grade educations & a 50% school dropout rate! To do so is & will continue to profoundly change the country for the worse and turning it into a facsimile of the country where the Illegal Aliens came from.

    This letter is not from xenophobia, I strongly believe controlled and legal Immigration built this country, but it should be based on the rule of law & people that want American citizenship, be Americans, and willing to contribute to this country for all citizens and not to abuse and use our System for gain! While hating us and everything this country stands for!

    The failure to control our borders or apprehend the ones here is certainly not fair to the American taxpayers or the 10,s of thousand that get robbed, killed, and raped each year, or to the Million of other people around the world wanting & dreaming of coming to this country legally and abiding by the Law.

    The Blatant disregard of the Immigration law by our Politicians is for only one reason Money, they receive from Businesses and Companies for providing them with nearly Slave labor so they can reward their unlimited greed & let the taxpayers pay billions in benefits for their Slave Labor!

    If it was just the Politicians Kind Hearts and Compassion there are millions of American children living in poverty without a chance at the American dream. Millions without medical care & old people choosing between medicine and food & millions of American Veterans without adequate medical care!

    The fine Upstanding Honorable Politicians could shower tax dollars on them to show their compassion! Of course, the problem is they don’t get paid for being compassionate to American Citizens!

    The Majority of Americans want our Borders closed and Illegal Aliens in this country send back to their own countries but our Politicians would rather collect the Money from Businesses and Companies they supply with Slave Labor than protect American Citizens or keep this country from turning into a third world country!

    Every few years the Politicians pull a bait and switch on the American Public and promise to Enforce our Immigration Laws if only we reward the millions with green cards, guess workers programs etc. they let in though prior years by not enforcing the laws, Like John McCain’s & Ted Kennedy S.1033 bill.

    Once the Bill is passed they ignore the Enforcement part of the bill & repeat the same cycle over again. The Politicians in this country really think American Citizens are stupid and they are a power onto their selves & can do any thing they want!

    They would have us believe the Illegal Aliens are only here taking jobs Americans won’t, take, which is true, because American citizens at the present time will not live 40 to the house like Illegal Aliens or work for slave wages while the Company owners and Business executives reward their selves with millions in salary and benefits!

    But as millions more slip into poverty, as was reported in August that another 1.1million more Americans slipped into poverty, the day is fast approaching where working Citizens will be forced to live like that while the Rich grow Richer, and the Middle class & the Poor ..Poorer! Bush’s willing workers for willing employers are code words for willing slaves for willing Slave users!

    Or can we collect the 100,s of Billions in benefits that Illegal Aliens are rewarded with from tax payer’s money! Or do most Americans want benefits but a decent job with a livable wage. But the Politicians care much more about rewarding & in turn collecting big donations from greedy Business owners and Company Officials than protection American citizens from living like the Peons in Latin American!

    Below is a partial list of Politicians that are, either Corrupt or Stupid enough to not realize their Policies are helping destroy Millions of American lives by Drugs, Murder, Rape & other Crimes while lowering our Standard of living and turning this country into a third world country!

    Number one on the List President Bush then John McCain (R-AZ) Edward Kennedy (D-MA)…
    Richard Durbin (D-IL) Larry Craig (R-ID), Mel Martinez (R-FL), Ken Salazar (D-CO), Chuck Hagel (R-NE), Christpher Dodd (D-CT), John Kerry (D-MA), Evan Bayh (D-IN)

    Then in the House ….Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Chris Cannon (R-UT), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Jim Kolbe (R-AZ)Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Joe Baca (D-CA), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Linda Sanchez (D-CA), Jane Harman (D-CA), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), David Price (D-NC), Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Mark Udall (D-CO)

    .Governors : Bill Richardson (D-NM), Rod Blagojevich (R-IL), Bill Huckabee (R-AR), Janet Napolitano (D-AZ),Jim Huntsman (R-UT), John Baldacci (D-ME)

    If any of you think Illegal Aliens are not lowering our standard of living, or costing this country 100.s of Billions of dollars, or committing 10,s of thousands of crimes against American Citizens them I suggest you get involved and do some research. If doing research is to taxing on the brain just go into the barrios some night! I think most of you that think, you are fine Liberal Compassion people may find your compassion is misguided and better spent on American Citizens, providing you escape and live long enough to change!

    If we are stupid enough to let Corrupt Politicians give this country away without firing a shot, then I guess we deserve it. But it is a shame that the ones that are aware of what is happening; have to pay the same price, as the ones that are to Greedy, or to Stupid, to Lazy, or to Unconcerned, or in the case of our Politicians to Corrupt and wanting the votes and money they get for destroying this Country and Betraying American!

    All American Citizens that love this country and want to preserve it for the future should write and do all they can to change their Policies! Ones that continue to Support Mexico and Illegal Aliens Invasion, do not enforce our Immigration Laws & support rewarding Illegal Invasion by green cards, guess worker programs or any other Reward deserve our utmost Scorn & Contempt & should be deported to Mexico! They will be much more content where the Rich & Corrupt rules & the rest are powerless and poor & victims of the Criminals!


  3. I agree with Michael, but I have to say that Bill made a great speech. He did a fairly good summary of the illegal alien problem. With a few corrections, he would get a good grade in my graduate school class. Bill should think about getting his masters degree if he doesn’t have it already. I can give a example in what I think is the best part of his speech, with corrections in brackets:
    “We now have Latino barrios in every community, mostly populated by people here illegally, even in small towns where crime was never a problem, until the Illegal Invasion! [In these barrios,] American language, American ideals, & anything American are rejected, & most are very anti-American & rabid in their hate for both American citizens and American [culture]. [In these barrios,] the Mexican flag is proudly flown but not the American flag! American citizens that fought our wars, paid the taxes, and obeyed the laws take a great risk of getting robbed or killed, if they dare go into those areas!”


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