Two Year Blogiversary

birthday cake One year ago, Chasing the Wind was one year old. One year later, Chasing the Wind is one year older. Do the math. 🙂

Last year, 764 posts and 54,000 visitors since April 27, 2004 making 2,825 comments.

This year, 1,237 posts and 5,077 comments, 162,279 visitors. Wheee doggy! I’ve enjoyed each and every one of you, even the Dale earnhardt fans and those looking for pictures of ugly kittens.

I take time this morning to thank God for the many blessings, including this way of expressing my opinions and feelings. And I thank God for you since you sometimes listen to me. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Two Year Blogiversary”

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  2. Of course, I listen. You’re my Hero.

    Mr. Mike, Mr. Mike, Mr. Mike.

    Volleyball Game 4:30 PM Thursday, May 4th at John Paul II. Mary Margaret “The Hammer” is going to lead her team to a rollikcing victory.


  3. Ow! Ow! Ow!! Math!!! But congratulations anyway, even if you did make my head hurt with all the numbers.

    And Sean, good luck to MM!!


  4. =D I forgot when i started rightrants but i know when i stopped! but now its back!! but Im under a new address =) I noticed me in your blog roll and shall return the favor but my address has changed to ..well click my name on this post =P the rightrants goes to some weird place now , thanks!

    ~LOF aka outlawrepublican

    p.s. congrats


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