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United 93

World Trade CenterThe movie was haunting. By the end of the movie you were on the edge of your seat, sickened because you already know what is going to happen.

The director did a terrific job of presenting it as a factual movie, without any director’s opinion, in a “this is what happened, this is what they said” kind of way. The terrorists were cruel, void of any sort of compassion. They were intent from the beginning at killing. The flight passengers were mixed; some were brave, some were scared, The final scene has you praying for some sort of miracle but gut wrenching when you know the terrorists won this battle.

As the movie ended, one moviegoer called out, “Remember, we’re still at war!” It’s hard to imagine anybody still thinks we’re not – this enemy is not interested in negotiating except as a pretense to regroup for another attack.

Worthwhile seeing, don’t bring children.

Update: More at Brutally Honest and Indepundit.

3 responses to “United 93”

  1. We took M3 to Akeela and the Bee. Great movie for kids. I am glad I didn’t see this one with her. She really has no idea of the hatred out there for us. I would liek to keep it this way for a little while longer.

    Want to see it again with me?


  2. I’m not sure I can watch it. Not yet.


  3. I can watch it again. We’re at war; hiding won’t help. How about Wednesday?


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