Catch and Release

Do any liberals read this? I honestly would like to understand why the Democrats would oppose this.

Right now, the Border Patrol arrests illegal aliens and then… releases them. Sometimes they’re scheduled to attend a hearing later, but most of them don’t show. I don’t know why we bother arresting them in the first place if we don’t deport them.

So Senator John Cornyn introduces an amendment requiring judges to consider national security first so that the dangerous illegal aliens can be deported. And Harry Reid kills it.

What am I missing here? Why would the liberal position oppose deporting dangerous illegal aliens?

5 thoughts on “Catch and Release”

  1. Most likely it was killed because some lobby group was demanded something attached to it or something was attached to it that the liberals found too conservative. Politicians are so rediculous now days and are bought and sold or bought and paid for. There is no integrity even with many of the conservatives. I don’t get it either.


  2. I think there is plenty of integrity with conservaitves. I just don’t think we have any of them in Washington. 😛

    From what I read in those articles, Reid killed the ammendment using a “point of order,” so it wasn’t part of another bill. He targeted this particular provision, and I can’t figure out why that would help liberals.


  3. Illegal aliens are also (mostly) Democratic voters.

    Motor/voter bills, recent California state rep race wherein democratic candidate assured illegals they don’t need papers, Clinton in the midterms swearing in whole football stadiums full of new citizens…..

    Very simple. They want the power back. Ethics be damned.


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