Review: House

Medium ImageSort of like combining Stephen King and C.S. Lewis.

House: The Only Way Out is In” (WestBow Press) is a very suspenseful and intense novel by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. In fact, it’s so intense, I cannot in good conscience recommend this to kids or to the squeamish.

The entire first half of the book is setup and character building, and very well done. You can identify and sympathaze with a part of each character or an entire character, depending on you. Impatience, materialistic, vulgar, selfish, character flaws are spread amply around to everyone.

The second half of the book starts combining this horror novel with Christianity, and it becomes obvious that this is no ordinary house the characters are trapped in. Their fears, their ambitions, their flaws are amplified, and try as they might to overcome their own desires, they are sucked deeper and deeper into the house and it’s basement. Only when they realize they cannot survive on their own do they realize they need help; and even when help arrives and tries to lead them to safety, some resist. Not all survive.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will probably read it a second time, but I didn’t recommend it to my wife. Beware and enjoy.

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