Early Voting

I’m off to the polls this evening to vote early. Here is the sample ballot for Harris County.

Just in case you wonder, I’m almost voting straight Republican. In most cases, I don’t have a choice since the Republican nominee is running unopposed. For Governor, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Rick Perry, then go home and wash my hands. For Lt. Governor, there’s not enough soap for me to vote for David Dewhurst, so I’m just going to sit that one out.

I’m also going to sit out the State Representative District 136. Beverly Woolley voted against appraisal caps and then passed that horrendous small business tax. She might as well be a Democrat.

Proposition A‎ means more road construction. Haven’t we had enough road construction? It’s everywhere already. I’m voting against.

Proposition B‎ means more police and fire. I’ll support that. Somebody needs to arrest the Katrina hoodlums.

Proposition C‎ means more parks, and I’ll vote for that. If I don’t, they might as well pave the rest of Houston and just make it one big slab of concrete.

Proposition D‎ is “general improvement,” whatever that is. And as much as I would like to be generally improved, I’m voting against.

Proposition E‎ is for libraries. Why do we still have libraries? I’m voting against.

Proposition F‎ is for affordable housing. City-sponsored slums? I think not.

Proposition G‎ allows the city to raise taxes higher than cloud 9. I think not. This another of Mayor Bill White’s devious schemes to get around the limits on taxes we voted for last year when Proposition 2 passed.

Proposition H‎ is a trick question. It says, “Shall the City of Houston be authorized to collect and spend ‎$‎90 ‎million for increased police‎, ‎fire and emergency medical services without raising the property tax rate‎?‎” The *rate* hasn’t changed in years because they won’t pass appraisal caps. Liars, cheats, politicians. I vote no.

10 thoughts on “Early Voting”

  1. Hey, just a question for you. I am not sure if you are in the right district or not, but if you are, have you looked at Mr. Badnarik or the Libertarian Party? If you are, and if you have, I would like some comments from you on him. I heard him speak last year at my college and agreed with about 90-95% of what he said. Just thought I would get some feedback from you on that one.


  2. Not a whole lot. When I was younger, I looked at the Libertarian party with hope, and I liked their message of limited government. I think the Libertarian party goes so far right on that issue that they wrap around to the left. They often advocate complete legalization of marijuana, for instance.

    Badnarik is challenging an undistinguished but loyal GOP representative, Michael McCaul. I don’t see Badnarik being any sort of improvement in that area. For instance, McCaul voted for the USA Patriot Act, against government funding of stem cell research, against medical marijuana, and against same sex marriage. If Badnarik opposes those then he’s just a closet liberal Democrat in disguise.


  3. OK, well, he is NOT a closet liberal Democrat in disguise, but he would oppose most of those based on the grounds that the government should stay out of the lives of their citizens. I know that he would be against the gov. funding of stem cell research, for the marijuana legalization, and against any curtail on same sex marriage. But the same sex marriage one is only because he believes that govt should not be involved in marriage at all. Also, one point about him that I really do like is that he is anti abortion.


  4. Those are at least consistent Libertarian positions, but not altogether realistic. I’m not in favor of legalizing marijuana, and like it or not, marriage has a religious and civil aspect that involves the government. And if he holds the same position as his opponent on abortion and stem cell research, then might as well vote Republican since McCaul will work better with other Republicans.


  5. I understand where you are coming from. I guess that I am just for a lot more limited government than most Republicans have proposed. I would, however, err on the side of the Republicans, than on the side of the Democrats, just to let you know where I stand.


  6. Mike, you and I line up on this. Except I could not bring myself to vote for Dewhurst or Perry. Damn their black hearts.

    And what’s wrong with Libraries?


  7. Megan, me too. Although I vote Republican, I consider myself a Christian conservative. Republicans often don’t often reflect my beliefs, but lately Democrats are downright antagonistic towards people like me.

    Sean, I voted for Perry only because he spoke at my church about his faith and prayed with us. Might have been show, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    When was the last time you were in a library you didn’t build?


  8. I don’t get the library thing. We still have libraries because not everyone can afford to buy books. And even those who can, don’t always see the need to buy every book they want or need to read.

    As for when the last time I was in a library I didn’t build myself, my whole family has library cards and going to the library is part of our weekly errand running. We’re never the only people there, so apparently I’m not some freak of nature. At least, not when it comes to going to the library.


  9. Then you two should vote *for* libraries. I think it’s been ten years since I’ve been in one; I just assumed most people bought their books from the used book store for $1.

    I’m not opposed to libraries; I just don’t use them and until now didn’t know of anybody who did.


  10. We use them quite a bit.

    In my last move, I took at least 50 lineal feet of books, mostly hardbound and sold them to the used book store for pennies on the pound.

    Yikes. No more of that.

    The book I borrowed, I confess, I did not have time to read.


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