Domestic Evangelism

When I hear of mission groups reaching out to Americans, I know there’s a need. While most people believe in God, I don’t think most believe know why they believe in God or why that should be important to them.

This latest poll on American’s views on God show what I mean.

Among the various religious groups, 76 percent of Protestants, 64 percent of Catholics and 30 percent of Jews said they are “absolutely certain” there is a God while 93 percent of Christians who describe themselves as “Born Again” feel certain God exists.

I know an important piece of this puzzle is missing; I don’t know how the poll read or whether the questions were intentionally misleading to get a scandalous answer. Still, if 93% of “Born Again” Christians are absolutely certain there is a God, what exactly do the other 7% believe? And if only 64% of Catholics believe there is a God, why to the other 36% bother to call themselves Catholic?

3 thoughts on “Domestic Evangelism

  1. I would like to know who comissioned the survey.

    As for the 7% – who knows.
    As for the Catholics, perhaps they treated the question as one of ethnicity, or familial association.

    Without the questions seen in light of the commissioning agent – bah. It’s simply a headline generator. Also note that the poll is an internet poll. I question that population representation as well.

    Now the Jews – go figure.


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