Character Counts

I’m fascinated when a poll turns up distinct differences between groups of people A UPI-Zogby poll asked participants to rank their top requirements in a candidate.

The interesting difference is that Republicans (63.2%) said that “values, morals and character” were the most important consideration in choosing a candidate. The Democrats? 42.3% said “opposition to the war in Iraq.” Values and morals were fifth on the list at 24%.

No wonder I vote Republican. I’m much likelier to support a person of good moral character. If he can artculate a response why he’s against the war in Iraq and maintain his values, I may disagree with him but still vote for him. This poll tells me that as long as the candidate is against the war, it doesn’t matter how crooked they are, they will still win the Democrat vote.

2 thoughts on “Character Counts

  1. I notice the high-horsed sentiment expressed here has almost no relation whatsoever with your “Early Voting” post before. I imagine one poll doesn’t shape your outlook on life and poli-sci, because that would be just silly wouldn’t it?

    Lastly you’ve been on my blogroll, but I’m not sure who you are anymore. Anyway, you’re staying.

    OK, really lastly, Jessica Simpson’s “Push Your Tush” just came on in my headphones. It sounds better than it is 😉 Temple


  2. You’ll have to explain the “hgh horse” discrepancy because I don’t see it. The post above is a general statement about the priorities of Republicans and Democrats. Whether you’re one or the other, there should be no objection because it’s a poll. When I listen to Democrats, I hear them telling me what they think I want to hear; lower taxes, respect for my faith, supporting the troops. And I know they’re lying because when they’re not campaigning they say the opposite. Worse, liberals seem to accept these words because they, too, know they politicians are lying to get elected, so it’s ok with them.

    How does that conflict with my “Early Voting” post? I voted for lower taxes and pointed out where the politicians were lying and specifically avoided voting for the two Republicans that I think are lying because character counts.


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