Not Found

I searched Chasing the Wind today for some relatively obscure words I occasionally use in conversation. Bloviate. Ameliorate. Pernicious. I received a “not found” message – I’ve never written a post with those words.

There. Fixed *that* little problem.


2 thoughts on “Not Found”

  1. As a vocab-lover, I applaud this post. Just a couple days ago I inserted “noetic” and “salubriousness” in a post with some violence. No doubt it caused blunt trauma to readers, but it was worth it.


  2. I may have used “salubrious” in a conversation once. In fact, I might have said, “What the heck is ‘salubriousness?'” And “noetic” escaped me completely – “intellectual” has always sufficed.

    You’d probably like the blog Sand in the Gears who has a terric post on the richness of language, specifically inside some Christian literature he has been perusing.


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