Presidential "Foot in Mouth" Contest

I’m undecided on which Presidential candidate has placed more of their foot in their mouth than any other candidate. I thought John Edwards was winning – the man that described “Two Americas” getting a $400 haircut and showing which America he lives in.

But now I think John McCain has swallowed his foot all the way up to his ankle. The man who wants to be trusted to hold the nuclear suitcase is singing “Bomb, Bomb Iran.” If those were the two choices, I’d go with John Edwards, even if he did charge the haircuts to his campaign fund. And even if Edwards gets his makeup applied at the Pink Sapphire.

Who would you choose?

7 thoughts on “Presidential "Foot in Mouth" Contest”

  1. Hehe, here is a choice for you…. Michael Savage, talk show host, is thinking about running. How do you like that one?


  2. Eww. I’ve listened to Savage’s show once or twice, and I actually agree with many of his positions, but find him waaay to coarse and crude and offensive to listen to. It would take his opponents all of 3 seconds to find something he’s said to put his foot deep in his mouth.


  3. LOL, that was exactly my point. I personally agree with a lot of what he says, but don’t think he would last a minute in the world of politics. But hey, maybe coarse, crude, and offensive is what we need?


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