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The Benefits of Coffee

Not that I need an excuse, but there are benefits to drinking coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. The more, the better. Lowered risk for diabetes, Parkinson’s, colon cancer, liver cirrhosis, gallstone, heart and liver disease, asthma and headaches.

Probably good for remembering the names of strangers you just met and makes you taller and better off financially. Prove me wrong.

So thos that Despair over Coffee or Swirled and Twirled by Coffee, take heart. Coffee is good for you.

11 responses to “The Benefits of Coffee”

  1. I just have to add, it must be GOOD coffee. I didn’t follow your link, so don’t know if they mentioned it, but that cheap coffee at 7-11 actually has more caffeine than a good, fresh high quality roast.

    I was stuck drinking Gevalia coffee this morning – sorry, I don’t consider that GOOD coffee, since it gets shipped from I don’t know where and sat for I don’t know how long; and I know lots of people love their Gevalia, but it tasted like mud to me. But I was out of the good stuff I buy from a local roaster (Sisters Coffee Company rocks!), and my mother-in-law left this Gevalia stuff with me last time she came.

    Cheap coffee and cheap wine are banned at my house, and such who bring those vile things through my door – watch out! 🙂 I like the good stuff, and will proclaim the health benefits right along with you!


  2. I’ve had good luck with Gevalia in the past. It comes from Sweden, and is the coffee served to the King of Sweden. Swedes, per capita, drink 6 cups of coffee a day, compared to 2 cups in the US. There is a date on each box (and each bag, I think) to determine its freshness.

    All the same, I do prefer local roasters over mail order coffees out there. Even if coffee isn’t grown in Iowa, I can still support the local roaster.


  3. I must not be familiar with Gevalia, but I’m familiar with mud coffee.

    I go with Community Coffee each morning because the price is right. Free.


  4. I’m gonna live to be a hundred.


  5. I consider myself to be despairing with coffee, that is, the coffee providing some comfort in the midst of despair, rather than being the cause of the despair.

    Lately, I’ve grown quite fond of Lion Coffee French Roast. It’s full bodied with a distinct flavor. It’s the best coffee I’ve had in a long time.


  6. I just read your bio page:

    “The name ‘Chasing the Wind’ comes from the book of Ecclesiastes, ‘I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.’…”

    I’m love that. It’s original and seems to adequately sum up your personal philosophy (i.e., Christian worldview) quite well.


  7. Well, we are the Coffee Achievers!!


  8. Doug, if the King of Sweden were served what I drank yesterday, methinks the cupbearer would be tossed out the window. 🙂

    I have actually had Gevalia before that was decent, so perhaps the mother-in-law left some old, old beans. The beans were pale brown, not at all oily, and one look at them told me: bad coffee ahead.


  9. Sounds like it. BTW, Here’s an older post of mine, where I list out 10 rules for coffee:


  10. Goodness. The are rules for coffee? Now I have to go study cuz I’m sure I’ve been doing it wrong. 😛


  11. Thanks, Nathaniel. It *is* all a chasing after the wind, and more and more I find that to be true.


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