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Mechanical Investing for July 2007

The latest bull market shows some signs of slowing, but it’s mixed. Three month returns are positive but less than the previous month. But 1 week returns are high, and the market is up high this morning. But hey, I’m beating the market again.

  • Last 4 weeks: +1.4%
  • Last 3 months: +9.0%
  • Last 12 months: +9.2%
  • Year to date: +8.4% (Dow is +8.3% ytd from 12,463)

Holding for another month:

Ticker Bought Now Months Return  
MCY $53.85 $55.50 8 +3.1% Mercury General Corp. From the LPE_YLD screen. It’s fading… fading…
MDR $79.63 $85.04 1 +6.8% McDermott International. From the Screamers screen, but now it’s on the RSPeg2 screen.
PKOH $20.80 $28.93 2 +39.1% Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. Zoom! From the H52EgPS screen, but now also on RSPeg2, TREPPE, and Screamers. I sold off a portion to rebalance.
PFE $26.10 $25.69 5 -1.6% Pfizer Inc. From the LPE_YLD screen. Looks like a loss, but with dividends, it’s up 2.9%.
RNR $58.99 $61.61 1 +4.4% RenaissanceRe Holdings. From the Peg_Minimalist screen. Renaissance Holdings… could it be a codpiece? No, it’s insurance and reinsurance.
RS $46.37 $57.24 3 +23.4% Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co. From the TREPPE screen. Fading… fading…

Selling these:

Ticker Bought Sold Months Return  
AVT $36.40 $41.46 4 +13.9% Avnet Inc. From the RSPeg2 screen, but now also on TRPPE and H52EgPS. It gave back some of the winnings near the end, so i guess it’s out of steam.
BUCY $70.05 $73.10 1 +4.4% Bucyrus International Inc. From the RSPeg2 screen. Bye-bye, Bucky.
CRDN $68.27 $75.16 1 +10.1% Ceradyne Inc. From the TREPPE screen. Very nice for 1 month; odd it’s no longer on the screens.
CRY $14.55 $13.28 1 -8.7% CryoLife Inc. From the Screamers screen. Eww. Biomaterials, implantable devices, and BioGlue made from bovine blood protein. I’m not going to cry that it’s gone.
LTR $47.81 $51.86 2 +8.5% Loews Corp. From the Peg-Minimalist screen.
NAFC $39.22 $50.36 2 +28.4% Nash Finch Co. From the H52EgPS screen. Zoom! But gone.

New stocks for this month:

Ticker Bought Sold Months Return  
CAE $82.51 $N/A 0 N/A% Cascade Corp. Dishwasher soap? Probably not. Material handling equipment. From the Screamers screen.
CMCO $34.14 $N/A 0 N/A% Ah, Columbus-McKinnon is back. From the RSPeg2 screen.
MCK $59.51 $N/A 0 N/A% McKesson Corp is back. From the H52EgPS screen.
PENX $30.45 $N/A 0 N/A% Penford Corp. From the Screamers screen.
PFGC $32.98 $N/A 0 N/A% Performance Food. From the H52EgPS screen. Sounds like maybe they race bananas.
XL $84.73 $N/A 0 N/A% XL Capital Ltd. You can tell it’s a cool company because it starts with ‘X’. From the Peg_Minimalist screen.

6/3 Options:

Ticker Bought Sold Months Return  
No more options until October.

The next trade will be July 30.

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