A Big To-Do

Todo ListI have a lengthy todo list. It’s quite detailed; on my diet, I even include meals and snacks so I can check of my allotted portion as I go along. I almost go so far as toput “brush my teeth” on my todo list. I would put “wake-up” on my todo list, but apparently by the time I noticed it was on my todo list, I’d already be awake.

And I get satisfaction checking items off my list. Schedule meeting? Check. Eat breakfast fruit serving? Check. Look up fireworks schedule? Check. Check items off my todo list? Check.

But when the list gets long, I end up having to reschedule things over and over. Rent “Old Yeller?” Er, not this week. Maybe next Monday. Make dentist appointment? Nope, it’s a holiday week. Sometimes, like “Rent Old Yeller”, an item is rescheduled over and over again. That one may have been on my list for 2 years now.

So I start deleting items. The satisfaction of checking off an item is missing. It’s acknowledging defeat; my time is limited and there are some things I’ll never do. Rent Old Yeller? I’m not sure why it’s on there anymore. Delete. Fortunately, my brain capacity is even smaller than my PDA, so an hour after I delete it, I won’t even remmber it was on there. That’s sort of why I have a todo list in the first place.

Do you do something daily that gives you satisfaction?

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