One Less Bad Candidate to Vote For

I think I keep hoping for some unknown conservative candidate to suddenly appear and give me somebody to vote for. Like the ghost of Ronald Reagan, perhaps.

What I want is a candidate that is socially and fiscally conservative. Socially conservative because, like it or not, the President sets an example for the morals of this country. Bill Clinton taught millions of middle schoolers that oral sex isn’t really sex, and an outbreak of oral sexual diseases broke out. He taught us that it’s ok to stretch the truth, it’s ok to lie by omission. I think a generation of dishonest youngsters are on the way. George Bush didn’t do that, but I feel misled; I thought “compassionate conservatism” was still conservatism. Under his leadership, Republicans spent money like drunken sailors. Whee!

When the Republican National Committe send their fundraising letters, I trash them. If they were conservative, I’d support them.

Duncan Hunter was my early favorite, but his campaign never got traction, and he’s dropped out. That left me choosing between Huckabee and Romney.

Huckabee is socially conservative. But is he fiscally conservative? His record as Arkansas governor doesn’t appear so. He’s all for mandating health goals. I don’t want the government involved to that level in my life. I also don’t think he has enough international experience. But I like him socially. I just can’t figure out why the second choice of Huckabee supporters is McCain.

And Romney is socially conservative. But fiscally, he too spends more than I’d like. But now he’s dropped out.

That leaves McCain, an unstable “maverick” that has done significant harm to conservatives. He dislikes evangelicals, he’s soft on border control, he co-sponsored that McCain-Feingold usurping of the First Amendment, he voted against tax cuts, and he was part of that group that unblocked the stalemate on judicial nominees. I *wanted* the stalemate; I disliked the fact the judicial committee could derail a nomimation and keep the full Senate from voting. McCain is a pain.

Look, a campaign slogan. McCain is a pain.

As of now, I don’t think Huckabee can make a comeback, and I’m not sure I’m sold out for him anyway. That leaves McCain.

Will I support him? McCain’s strongest suit is he is very strong on defense. To me, he’s weak on everything else. But compared to the socialist, defeatest Democrats, McCain looks comparitively good. Comparitively.

So when Romney dropped out earlier this week, there’s one less bad candidate to vote for. Now I only have to choose between three bad candidates: McCain, Clinton, Obama. With that poor selection, I’ll go with McCain.

I’m going to have to hold my nose and remember the alternatives are worse.

5 thoughts on “One Less Bad Candidate to Vote For”

  1. Perhaps we should choose Hillary and simply let things take their inevitable course. Reboot the system>


    Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife for President.



  2. Jo, I’m not even sure a “none of the above” goes far enough. There was a scene in the movie “Roxanne” where Steve Martin buys a newspaper out of a box, sees the headlines and starts screaming, then fishes in his pocket for more change, opens the box and puts the newspaper back. I feel that way about the 2008 ballot.

    Sean, that’s not the first I’ve heard that; if the country is going to pot anyway, let the Democrats take the blame for it. I just can’t see how the last 4 years (fiscally, anyway), the Republicans were any better.


  3. Choosing the “least bad” has got to be the solution here, as sad as that is. I definitely don’t take Dobson’s route of just staying home and not voting! Like it or not, Republicans will likely be left having to vote for McCain, unless they want rampant terrorism (let’s pull out of Iraq immediately and let Ahmadinejad go kill the Jews), immorality (same sex marriage for all), collaboration (I’m going to go shake hands with Hugo Chavez), and worse.


  4. Jennifer, I saw somewhere that McCain had an 83% conservative rating. I don’t know who rated him.

    But Obama and Hillary will have closer to 0%. I’ll hold my nose and take what I can get in McCain.

    And I suppose that was the Republican party’s plan all along.


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