Life Without Limbs

Our church hosts Nick Vujicic this weekend, an absolutely amazing, joyous man who was born without limbs. There is a joy in surrendering your life to Christ, and Nick exhibits it with an enthusiastic smile that you can’t help bu catch from him because his smile is so contagious. So much so, in fact, that within 3 minutes of his message to us, he said that people want this joy so bad that their sitting in their seats envious of the man without arms or legs. And he was right.

His ministry is called Life Without Limbs and he’s been invited to many countries, Muslim countries, too, to share his joy and explain how a faith in Jesus Christ makes it possible.

5 thoughts on “Life Without Limbs”

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  2. Michael, how exciting! I have seen him with Joni on TV before, but I would LOVE to see him in person and catch some of that contagious joy! I will be praying for your event.


  3. He was amazing, he really was. You should check out the videos on his website of him swimming and doing daily chores. He let’s *nothing* slow him down, and he gives credit to God for every ability he has and makes no complaint about what he doesn’t have.

    He was funny, too. He went a little over time and apologized for not wearing a wristwatch.


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