Rejecting the Arrogance

In this morning’s Washington Post, Obama wrote that the Stimulus Package (which is horrendously misleading as there is far more liberal pet socialist programs than stimulus in the package) must be passed immediately or puppies will die. No time to read it, just sign it.

But then he includes this phrase –

“I reject these theories, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change,” he wrote.

I heard him say something similar last week when he refused to implement any conservative suggestions into the negotiations, adding it was because “he won.”

I heard it last night as a significant step toward Marxism was implemented when Obama signed the SCIHP program. Congress is lying about it’s implementation. They raised taxes for the first time in this adminstration by adding 62 cents to a pack of cigarettes, they claim this will fund the socialized medicine program, when in reality they need an additional 24 million smokers to fund it. And then Obama added that the people voted for it because they voted for him.

This is arrogance, and I’m already tired of it. Yes, Obama is my President, but I didn’t vote for that. Nor did the vast majority of Americans request a move to Marxism. Obama promised change, and Americans were tired of Congress lying. Every year they promise to hold back spending and then they spend it like drunken sailors. Obama is doing the exact same thing and there is absolutely no change. Same old same old.

I reject the arrogance. If you want to be bipartisan, Mr. President, show that you have an inkling of understanding for the conservative view point instead of shoving an “I won” down our throats.

May the so-called “Stimulus Package” go down in flames. Defeat is necessary in order to save our country.

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5 thoughts on “Rejecting the Arrogance”

  1. I so agree with you. Although we are to support him, it is very difficult, with his back and forth, never knowning where he’s coming from. His lies etc. We need to stand fast on prayer over him.


  2. I’ll respect him for his position, but so far I am opposed to practically everything he has proposed and/or implemented.

    The worst part about the 2008 election is that the liberal agenda is practically unchecked now.


  3. Sadly its reminiscent of yesteryear, you know the days when kids fought to be the captain of the backyard team. Perhaps President Obama should spend sometime with my fourth grade teacher, so he can learn to play nice with others.


  4. Hubris is right. And if you disliked what they were trying to do yesterday, just watch what they’re trying to do today.

    I almost wish they’d take their ball and go home. At least they’d stop playing.


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