About Michael

I’m a 43-year old Mechanical Engineer (Update: Have I really been blogging this long already? I’m 56 now). I find it odd that many men define themselves by their chosen occupation, but “I’m a 56 year old ex-skydiver” or “I’m a 56 year old video game player” doesn’t quite sound the same.

For much of my adult life, I was a single father and a part-time Christian (Sunday through Thursday only). I remarried briefly back in 1996, but after that marriage failed, I went to Singapore to find God. Found Him, too; turns out He wasn’t lost after all. In 1999, I finally understood why Jesus died for me. I became a “born-again” believer. And the more I study God’s Word, the more I find that the meaning of life was there all along and I chose not to see it. Love of God, service to people, and all for the love of God and the great sacrifice He made for me so that someday I can stand in the presence of the most High God covered by the sacrifice Jesus made for me. He made this sacrifice for you, too, and all you have to do to receive it is… ask.

The name “Chasing the Wind” comes from the book of Ecclesiastes, “I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” No matter what you do, for work or for pleasure, if you’re not living for the glory of God, what you’re doing is meaningless. Living for God gives life meaning, and enjoying a “chasing after the wind” is a gift from God. I’m doing what I can to enjoy this gift daily.

I live in Houston, Sugar Land, Texas; my son, now grown, is preparing to enter served in the Army reserves. And I’m dating married to my ex-wife who also found Jesus after we were divorced. God’s miracles amaze me. 🙂

Got questions? I’m not surprised. If you want to email me about Chasing the Wind, you can send it to mailto:chasingthewind@outlook.com .

7 thoughts on “About Michael”

  1. hi, your blog has been very inspiring, i am proud in the Lord to see your consistency..God bless you…and i absolutely love this blog…i am going to through a bit of a scrape…and God has taken up His task of chiseling me its a lot of unease for now but the Spirit reminds me of a better stronghold and is inspiring me to live by faith rather by sight….


      1. Always remember that the Holy Scriptures can provide a lot of answers. Hopefully you can find around you enough helpful brethren and sisters who can give you support and courage to continue the right way.
        God bless.


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