Christian Carnival CLXIII

This week’s Christian Carnival is up, and it’s being hosted this week… here, at Chasing the Wind!

I’ve decided to categorize the entries this week into posts about Jesus, posts about our relationships, and posts about us. Jesus tells us we are to love him and love our neighbor as ourselves, and that reminds me all three of those categories are important. So love should bring you J-O-Y if you love Jesus, Others, You. All three, and in that order. 🙂




18 thoughts on “Christian Carnival CLXIII

  1. anyone looking to improve their financial situation. Homeschooling can cost more than you’d think if you are not careful! And in case that isn’t enough reading for you, the Carnival of Family Life is also up over at Modern Sage Online. New One…The Christian Carnival is also now up. Anything else going on? Ok, you might need a couple of cups of coffee by the time you are through, but I give you permission. Unless you are expecting, of course. Then you can hang with me and the cocoa. Well, maybe we’ll have just


  2. Christian Carnival is posted at Chasing the Wind. Here are the entries that I liked: What Nehemiah can Teach us About PrayerGod’s Chosen PeopleChange Theology: Matthew 4:17-22We Don’t Like Each Other AnymoreOprah and The SecretThe Tale of an Englishman and Swede


  3. quite possibly never will again, but the show must go on: The Blawg ReviewThe Carnival of the CapitalistsThe Carnival of EducationThe Carnival of the InsanitiesThe Carnival of the RecipesThe Carnival of the VanitiesThe Christian CarnivalHavel HavelimThe Watcher’s Council


  4. y March 21st, 2007 – Christian Carnival CLXVI was hosted over at Wittenberg Gate March 14th, 2007 – Christian Carnival CLXV was hosted over at Pseudo-Polymath March 7th, 2007 – Christian Carnival CLXIV was hosted over at Everyday Liturgy February 28th, 2007 -Christian Carnival CLXIIIwas hosted over at Chasing the Wind February 21st, 2007 – Christian Carnival CLXII was hosted over at Brain Cramps for God February 14th, 2007 – Christian Carnival CLXI was hosted over at Evangelical Ecologist February 7th, 2007 – Christian Carnival CLX was hoste


  5. Anne, that’s very kind. I was thinking it looked like it was designed by a color-blind engineer (which it has), but yours is the 2nd recent comment that says it’s nice. And if you count the Participatory Bible Study comment, that would make 3. 🙂


  6. Nice content and info – but please find a different font to use. Comic Sans (or similar fonts) makes it less appealing – looks too fluffy.

    Try something a little more powerful – we do serve a Mighty King, you know!


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