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Why So Quick to Believe?

It’s amazing. When I talk to people that don’t know Christ, some of them don’t even believe He lived. Or they except tripe like Da Vinci Code as truth of a coverup.

But let some big shot director shoot a movie about 27 year news, they immediately believe that.

Why are the falsehoods so easy to believe, but the truth is so hard?

This week we’re going to see a lot in the news about the tomb of Jesus. It’s part of a secular marketing program to drum up viewers for the Sunday night special. And as marketing efforts go, it’ll be successful.

But the news was dismissed 27 years ago; it’s just repackaged garbage.

But the Israeli archeologist responsible for the 1980 excavation, Prof. Amos Kloner, on Monday night intensified his criticism of this assertion, lambasting the documentary as “brain confusion.”

Serious scholars dismissed this claim years ago.

Stephen Pfann, a biblical scholar at the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem who was interviewed in the documentary, said the film’s hypothesis holds little weight.

“I don’t think that Christians are going to buy into this,” Pfann said. “But skeptics, in general, would like to see something that pokes holes into the story that so many people hold dear.”

“How possible is it?” Pfann said. “On a scale of one through 10 _ 10 being completely possible _ it’s probably a one, maybe a one and a half.”

Pfann is even unsure that the name “Jesus” on the caskets was read correctly. He thinks it’s more likely the name “Hanun.” Ancient Semitic script is notoriously difficult to decipher.

Kloner also said the filmmakers’ assertions are false.

“It was an ordinary middle-class Jerusalem burial cave,” Kloner said. “The names on the caskets are the most common names found among Jews at the time.”

Archaeologists also balk at the filmmaker’s claim that the James Ossuary _ the center of a famous antiquities fraud in Israel _ might have originated from the same cave. In 2005, Israel charged five suspects with forgery in connection with the infamous bone box.

But hey, skeptics believe what they want to believe. The truth of Jesus can be blinding to those that have spent too much time in the dark.

9 responses to “Why So Quick to Believe?”

  1. I could not agree with you more. Funny how unbelievers will cling to any possibility no matter how remote that Christianity is a fantasy rather submit to the truth.


  2. “It’s amazing. When I talk to people that don’t know Christ, some of them don’t even believe He lived. Or they except tripe like Da Vinci Code as truth of a coverup.”

    It is called faith because there is no proof. Don’t confuse faith and truth, they can be 2 different things. Just because you want christianity to be true does not make it so. Also, why would anyone have an issue with jesus having a wife and child? I think it is more likely that the person whom the jesus character was modeled after had a wife and kids (social norms of the Israelis at the time in question).

    Many of us look at how the world really works and base our judgements of the creator on reality, not how we would like things to be. The creator does not meet out justice, bad things happen to good and bad people alike as do good things. I have not the hubris to beleive I have all the answers, if you need a simple system to help you get through the day, fine, just remember that not everyone can buy into a system of beleifs that has no basis in reality.


  3. Thank you for exemplifying my point for me.

    Just because you want christianity to be true does not make it so.

    And just because you choose not to believe in the judgement of a living God and the power of the sacrifice through His son does not make it so, either. I find sufficient historical accuracy through fulfilled prophecy to accept Christ as my savior.

    The creator does not meet out justice,

    Actually, he does. Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Nehemiah, Esther, 1st and 2nd Kings are full of examples of God calling His people to righteousness and applying His justice when they disobeyed. There are plenty of real life examples today of destroyed lives due to disobedience and not living up to the moral standards God sets forth.

    bad things happen to good and bad people alike as do good things.

    Yup, in agreement there. The books of Ecclesiastes and Job discuss this in detail, and it’s a common misconception among people that believe God is some sort of magic genie that answers prayers.

    I have not the hubris to beleive I have all the answers

    I know where all the answers are if you’re truly seeking. I’d suggest starting with the book of John.


  4. I see two phenomenon here. One is of course the desire for profit. The team that can come up with something like this will profit handsomely. I myself am planning on recycling the “Adolph Hitler, alive and living in Bogata!” or how about, the secret Nazi UFO base in the Antartica and the clone of Hitler! Second, the secular humanists, particularly those of a socialist bent are well supported by the mainstream media and will play it up to discredit religionists as those participating in a fantasy life. They’ll soon be teaching this as fact in the schools all the while urging mandatory rehabilitation for anyone who believes in God and urging legislation that renders family time religious instruction as child abuse. There’s no arguning with or convincing the ardent atheists and their secular humanist followers otherwise; the door is slammed shut to the light of day as far as they are concerned. I no longer converse with them about much of anything, much less religion.


  5. I understand, Tony. I sometimes get frustrated when they claim to have an “open mind” while at the same time calling God a fantasy. Er, doesn’t that indicate a closed mind?

    By the way, welcome to all the Houston Chronicle Opinion readers today. I wondered where all the visitors were coming from today. 🙂


  6. Keep in mind also that the things of the spirit (belief, faith, discernment, experience) are spiritually discerned and the natural mind can NOT know them. Too many people are trying to discern in their intellect the eternal divine which cannot be known mentally. I can mentally assent to what my spirit knows to be true because His Spirit bears witness with my spirit that it is so.

    Think about this… If Jesus is a fantasy…a figment of our imaginations, why do so many highly intelligent people spend all their time repudiating His existence. Why, indeed, does Jesus not receive the same treatment as any ancient literature? I mean, you don’t see the follwers of Beowulf causing a ruckus in the earth. The reason is /they can’t/.

    For those of faith, they know Jesus’ name carries power. For those not of faith, they can never understand that, and will never be able to. To follow Christ requires sacrifice. It requires you to lay down who you want to be and follow God wherever He would lead you. Those not of faith would have no part of a life of sacrifice.


  7. Jerald, I agree. My attempts to bridge that particular gap of knowing has been completely unsuccessful. If one does not “get” Christianity, then trying to discuss anything biblical with them… well, we might as well be speaking ancient Greek. Thanks for your thoughts.


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  9. […] I mentioned earlier that the secular marketing campaign before every Easter tries to derail the faith in the resurrection of Jesus. This year, it was a blockbuster-style “documentary” that the remains of Jesus had been found in a tomb. Pay no attention to all those archaeologists that debunked this claim years ago, this time it’s true! (Unless, of course, it isn’t) […]


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