Mid-Week Links and Oddities

In no particular order –

Building the ark: Greenpeace activists are building an ark on Mount Ararat. Amusing. Of course, Greenpeace isn’t a Christian organization (they don’t seem to be anti-Christian, as far as I can tell) but they border on Christian mockery to make a point about global warming.
Obscene bible: In Hong Kong yesterday, over 200 complaints yesterday were filed with authorities, complaining that the bible is an obscene document. It seems to be a stunt to protest against restrictions on free speech.
French President: Nicolas Sarkozy took over from Jacques Chirac as French president. Sakozy is pro-American, pro-conservative, anti-illegal immigration… in other words, he’s just the kind of President we need. He’s more pro-American than all the U.S. Democratic hopefuls combined.
Telephones with land lines: On the decrease. People are relying more and more on cell phones only. I’m certainly leaning this way. When August rolls around, I’ll be ffree of all long term contracts – DSL, land lines, cell phone, cable. I’m going to be looking for a new set of solutions, but I’m probably going to drop the home phone.
Diet Coke Plus: What the heck? Instead of my regular Diet Coke, I bought one of these yesterday. “Diet Coke with Vitamins and Minerals.” Is this supposed to be a health drink? “Each 8-ounce serving of Diet Coke Plus provides 15% of the daily value for niacin and vitamins B6 and B12, and 10% for zinc and magnesium.”
In Love with a Steam Locomotive: And I don’t mean as a hobby. “His partner back then was a Hammond organ — he has now been in a steady relationship with a steam locomotive for several years. Since he is particularly aroused by the inner workings of technical objects, repair jobs have often led to infidelity in the past. ‘A love affair could very well begin with a broken radiator,’ the now monogamous lover says, remembering how his earlier affairs began.” I am reminded yet again that some people are just… different than the rest of us.

What stories today have interested you?

8 thoughts on “Mid-Week Links and Oddities”

  1. We dumped our landline phone a couple years ago, but the company let us keep the DSL. It saved us money, though we did increase our cell minutes, and the DSL speed more than doubled due to the change.


  2. Doug – do you mean the price of your DSL increased? Or do you really mean the speed?

    If it’s the latter, one more reason for me to dump the land line.


  3. The price of DSL was grouped in with the phone, so all I can promise is that the overall price decreased. The speed blazed after that change, though.


  4. We are also land line (less).
    Using mobile broadband. Rev0.

    Not as speedy as cable, where I was coming from, but then it’s hard to trail a cable to your car for a trip to Dallas.

    With mobile broad band, its way easy.

    RevA is supposed to be faster, but I cannot convice Sprint / Nextel to upgrade my existing wireless card to RevA standards. Turkeys.



  5. I am waiting until August when the first contracts expire. I’ll re-evaluate my ISP, telephony, and PDA all at the same time. Maybe cable, too. Wipe the slate clean and start over.


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