There's No Reason to Visit

… if I don’t write anything.

Sorry, been traveling and working, just like last year. It may be several weeks before I surface again.

I have another book review coming up, but that’s about it.

On the other hand, *you* could post. There’s not’s of room below.

3 thoughts on “There's No Reason to Visit”

  1. Or we could all look at your family photo project. 🙂

    I looked at this a while back and my favorite was from band camp way back when. What a great project. I’m in desperate need of such a project – I have boxes and boxes of old photos, not even put in albums or labeled. It’s my someday project.


  2. Aren’t we cuuuute?

    I’ve been posting the latest scans on Flickr; if you have a flickr account, send a request to mrmeyertx and I’ll set you up as a friend so you can see the latest ones.


  3. I should get a Flickr account. I’ll send you a request when I do that. For having a blog (or two – yes I have another! -savedinsports.wordpress), and a bazillion photos, I’m really technically illiterate. I’ll get there.


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