Review: Wonderlust I’m coveting. There, I said it. I want what Vicky Kuyper has.

Not the travels – I get to do that for business. Not the lifestyle, either. I want her eyes, the way she can look at the world and see how God is working in her, around her, through her.

Wonderlust is Vicky’s diary of her travels throughout the world. Machu Pichu, the Amazon, Thailand, Burma, China. Riding elephants, fishing for piranhas, seeing the aurora borealis. And every place she goes, she see God and shares her vision of Him with us. God teaching patience, perspective, comfort, wonder. Her ability to see God’s lessons and footsteps is amazing.

I’ve traveled a bit, and I’ve stopped to wonder what God was doing sometimes. In Wonderlust, though, Vicky sees what God is doing, and then she supports it with scripture, compares her current journey to the journey of God’s people, and then asks if you can see what she sees.

Yes, I want her eyes. I look at a mountain and I see … a mountain. My thoughts usually ramble along the lines of, “Wow, God made a beautiful mountain.” In Wonderlust, Vicky explores God’s strength, God’s steadfastness, our fickleness and fear.

I enjoyed this journey a lot – I’ve seen many places of the world through the eyes of a devout Christian wanderer. And aren’t we all on the same journey? What do you see on your travels?

One thought on “Review: Wonderlust

  1. Looks good…even though Publishers Weekly doesn’t give it a very good review. Another book caught my eye when I went to Amazon to look at this one…it’s called The Holy Way: Practices for a Simple Life by Paula Huston. Have you heard anything about that book? I’m very interested in pursuing simplicity, not that I need a self-help book to do so, but anyway…


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